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Leigh Houghton

I work with people passionate about creating change.

For the past 10 years, I have coached aspiring business owners and change-makers to shift from stuck to free to deliver their authentic messages. They have learned to value their unique contribution as they create the change they desire.

I combine my years of yoga philosophy studies, NLP, yoga teacher training facilitation, coaching & mentoring to help people beat burn-out, leave jobs where they feel overworked and under-appreciated and step into purpose and freedom.

Leigh Houghton Career Coach

M: +61405 098734



I'm passionate about seeing people take charge of their lives and live their purpose.

The tools I share with you help you reach beyond what's holding you back to where your true power lies. 

John Anderson, Co-owner, Monk's Chai

The positive shifts are deep and profound.


Some of the unconscious blocks that I shed during the programme have been holding me back from connecting with my higher purpose.


These are fear barriers that I didn't even know that I had! 

I just started a business and while some fear is still there, I'm using it to drive me towards my goals and I'm not allowing it to have power over me. 


That's pretty significant!

I'm doing some gangster scary s#%* with my life right now and I feel rocket-fuelled by my coach and guide, Leigh.

~ John Anderson

Co-owner, Monk's Chai

My experience with Leigh was everything I wanted and also exceeded my high expectations.


I have done a lot of self-development work through many modalities but found working with Leigh to be the most transformational in a short time, and the change is long-lasting. 

I felt incredibly supported on this exploration of self, and have had so many amazing shifts towards feeling more myself.


I believe that the work I did with you has forever changed my life and given me the tools to live more fully, more authentically, and with more love, peace and ease. Thank you so much. 

~ Sarah Metzger

Owner, Here Yoga

Sarah Metzger, Owner, Here Yoga
Halley Flanagan, Entrepreneur

The process of going through this course has allowed me to take off the shackles and walls I put around myself.


I'm now less afraid to be seen, to speak my truth and I feel a stronger sense of trust in myself and in the natural flow of things.

Leigh creates a safe,

non -judgemental space for you to explore and go through the process.


Do this if you are ready to renew the possibilities for your life.

~ Halley Flanagan



On the Wake-up Call we get clear on where you are, what you want and what is in the way so that we can tailor a plan that allows you to focus on what is most important to you.   

Leigh Houghton Meditation
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