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Learn Meditation

In this 3-Day course, I will teach you the

1 Giant Mind Meditation technique.

You will learn a 20-minute method which, when practised daily, can help you respond to the demands that modern living can place on us day-to-day.


By Request




Payment plans available.

Please contact me if your current circumstances

find you financially restricted.

Course Structure

The course consists of three 

60-minute sessions.

The first session will instruct you how to practice this simple "Being" technique. Once you’ve received the instruction, we will go straight into a meditation together. At the end of the meditation, I will get a report of each of your experiences. I will comment where appropriate to help everyone gain a deeper understanding of the technique. Then we will have time for Q&A.

You will be asked to complete a 20-minute meditation on your own for homework so that in the 2nd session we can review that, dive into another meditation together and share our experiences. More Q&A and a discussion on how to make meditation a daily habit will conclude session 2.

The 3rd session we will have the same format of reviewing the home practice, meditating together and discussing our experiences. More Q&A and we’ll talk more about what “Being” is.



Before doing this course I was overwhelmed at the thought of committing to daily meditation. Your relaxed and encouraging approach allowed me to view meditation as an enhancement to my life rather than just another box to tick in the busy day. I found the discussions throughout the course particularly helpful and believe this has empowered me to commit to my daily practice. I can already see benefits such as sleeping through the entire night(!!) and feeling more grounded throughout the day.



Over the three days with Leigh I gained a lot of knowledge and have continued meditation daily due to the simplicity and effectiveness of Leigh’s teachings - meditation truly is a an amazing tool for a calm clear thinking mind and easing the rigours of everyday life. Do yourself a favour and try this course for yourself.



Leigh offers a simple yet profound practice of meditation through the 1 Giant Mind technique. Delivered in the friendly, relaxed and supportive environment that Leigh creates, the technique and it's application become an achievable way to transition from thinking meditation would be a good idea to actually developing a sustainable daily meditation practice. I recommend Leigh's course to all those interested in exploring or deepening their yoga journey with meditation.

 This meditation technique really has been a life changer for me. I believe these sorts of things show up in our lives when we need them most so if you think that now might be the time for you to explore the benefits mediation can bring to your life then please contact me to secure your place and I will forward you all the information you require to sign up. 

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