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T H I S I S I T !

Driving to Byron Bay recently Google maps took me on a weird detour. We went off the highway and into a crazy maze of winding roads and traffic jams. I felt myself growing more and more concerned about why I was on this road and not the highway.

Whenever the queue of cars would stop I couldn’t see what was ahead through the trees and sharp corners. I got more frustrated. I was imagining how easy this journey would be on the straight, wide, smooth highway.

I kept asking why I was here instead of there. Do I really need to be here? Did I make the right decision listening to Google?

So frustrated. So unhappy.

As I obsessed over what this trip might be like if I was somewhere else instead of here the realisation hit. I do this ALL THE TIME! With everything!

So I stopped focusing on what might be happening if I wasn’t on this road. I started looking at where I was and what was actually happening. I was still on my way to Byron Bay! I was engulfed in nature. I had my adorable puppy sitting on the seat beside me. I had a car to make this trip. The list went on. So much to be grateful for.

I immediately felt calmer. The more I noticed where I was, the more I found to appreciate and the more peaceful I felt.

Now each time I choose this over that I’ll allow myself to be fully in this. I can trust that there’s a reason I’m here instead of there and that I’m still on my way to wherever I’m going. I‘m able to enjoy this for what it is instead of wishing it was something else. I can even appreciate that my attitude towards what’s happening now sets me up for what’s next.

I can take time to notice how much there is to be grateful for exactly where I am right now.


What are you grateful for about where you are RIGHT NOW?

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