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Private Sessions

Single sessions and 4 - week course for individuals available 


The single session is tailored to your needs and level of experience, relevant to the Vinyasa yoga practice, with an emphasis on safely moving through flow , taking into account your body’s particular needs. 


The course is 4 x 60 or 90 min sessions that focus on the major joint areas of the body, (shoulders, hips and spine) building each week to ensure you feel supported to safely continue with group classes or private sessions knowing your particular areas of mobility and stability, and what you may need to avoid or adjust to make your practice sustainable and enjoyable. 



Single session 

60 min: $120 in person $99 online

90 min: $150 in person $120 online


4-week course

4 x 60 min sessions: $450 in person $360 online

4 x 90 min sessions: $560 in person $445 online 


Price is inclusive of studio hire fees (in person). Payment plans available.

Other terms and conditions apply re cancellations.

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