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This powerful process for clearing the emotional baggage and conditioning that stops us from expressing our true authentic selves,

is guaranteed to help you make shifts that will allow you to take control of your life.

Work through the 7 levels of The Spiral with a weekly one-on-one online session to clear blockages and set intentions and integration exercises to help you incorporate not just a new way of being into your life, but a whole new identity.

During the final weeks, we will use the tools you have learned to set clear goals and create steps

for you to take action and secure the new life you will have chosen!

Live Your Life on Purpose

The Spiral is at the heart of this 10-week support system. As we move through the levels gaining clarity & feeling lighter, it becomes easier to see where your potential lies & what your purpose is. We work together to create a systematic approach to achieving your dream of working for yourself.

What is
The Spiral?


The Spiral is a journey that utilises clearing to unlock the emotional blocks for each 7 levels of the chakra system. 


Once we do that, you are able to step into a whole new level of empowerment around each level.

As you start to shed the baggage (that you may have held onto for years), you begin to move through the world in a lighter and easier way. 


Without your stories dictating what you can and cannot do, there is less resistance and self-sabotage. 


It becomes easier to live in the present moment, let go of the past, and step into your true authentic self.


The Spiral is for anyone who feels they have unconscious conditioning or baggage holding them back that they haven’t yet been able to get rid of. 


Whether struggling in life, or super successful, this work has helped people from all walks of life step into a more empowered and authentic version of themselves.


Let go of the negative blueprints from your childhood and start consciously creating the life you want.



I felt incredibly supported on this exploration of self, and have had so many amazing shifts towards feeling more myself. I believe that the work I did with Leigh has forever changed my life and given me the tools to live more fully, more authentically, and with more love and peace and ease.

Leigh is an incredibly insightful and special human and helped me to uncover new information across the spectrum of my life experience and connect in with my intuition to create positive change. Many of my once limiting beliefs fell away during the course and in the weeks following.


Even now, I do not know what drew me to The Spiral, but I am glad that I have completed it. With Leigh's easy-going nature, warmth, knowledge and guidance, several huge blocks have been defined, reassessed and removed from my life.


Free Emotional Clearing Session
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